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Implant for Breast

  • Round Implant

    As the most common breast implant used in breast augmentation, the bottom is round and the middle is curved. The shape is natural whether the person is standing or lying down and is used to increase overall volume. It is especially useful for older people who have no upper breasts so that the upper chest looks voluminous.

    Round Implant Round implant
  • Teardrop Implant

    As the most breast similar shaped breast implant, the tear drop implant looks more anatomical and the bottom part is voluminous. Also, when using these breast implants for breast augmentation, the nipples are slightly raised for the ideal breast shape. It is especially useful for people who have small, flat, and droopy breasts.

    Round Implant Tear drop implant
    Round base, regular profile
    Round Implant
    Oblong base, anatomical profile
    (tear-drop like shape)
    Round Implant

    A=Width, B=Projection, C=Height, D=Curve
    Polytech Golden Ratio : D “D for correct Nipple Position”
    The implant is designed in the shape of a “D.”


Cohesive Gel

Cohesive gel has received the official approval from the USA, Europe, Japan, Korea, and many other countries. This type is the most commonly used implant with natural feeling and shape than other implants. It contains a gelatinous form of silicone which is not in liquid form, and it prevents flow or absorption into the body in case of implant breakage.

Why is it good?

Why is it good?

-The shape and feeling of implant is very good!

-The content of implant does not flow even if it breaks!

-The movement is very natural in every motion!

Saline Bag

It is an implant that contains saline liquid form and it is used world widely. Even if the implant breaks, the saline gets absorbed safely into the body. The procedure with saline bag allows more accurate size adjustment since the saline is injected through the tube to control the size of the implant.

Why is it good?

Why is it good?

-Minimal incision area by injecting the saline after the implant insertion!

-The saline gets safely absorbed into the body even if it breaks!

-Able to achieve the most accurate result by adjusting the size of the implant

-Able to correct the asymmetry of the breast by injecting different amount on each side of breast!


Smooth Type

Smooth Type

This breast implant is most commonly used and the surface is soft and smooth. It is suitable for people with thin skin and less breast tissue. The breast implant is able to move around the breast freely after the surgery and does not stick with surrounding tissue so that the shape is natural. To prevent capsular contracture, it is required to massage your breast to achieve satisfactory results.

Textured Teardrop Type

The teardrop shaped breast implant has properties similar to the textured type, and allows the breasts and nipples to be slightly raised to accentuate the breast shape and line. Teardrop shaped breast implants may change the shape of the breasts after a “boob job” before it settles so only texture is used.

Textured Type

This breast implant has a rough and uneven surface, allowing the tissue to grow between the curves and to be fixed in place. This is why the rate of breast shape transformation and capsular contracture occurrence is low after breast surgery. It is common for correcting droopy breasts that have a moderate amount of breast tissue and has the advantage of not requiring massage after the surgery.

MPS Type

This is an implant that is added polyurethane shell on textured type. It intergrafts with breast internal tissue safely after surgery, leading to low possibility of side effects such as capsular contracture. The disadvantage is that the surgery cost will be set three times higher than the previous breast surgery, but it will be good news for difficult cases such as breast reconstruction with stable surgery result.

Degree of Protrusion

Wonjin’s Profiling for the Customized Breast Surgery

What is profiling? It is a same type of implant with different degree of protrusion and shape.

For Breast Augmentation Surgery, it is important to choose the right incision method and implant. However, the most important thing is customize for each individual’s body type. Within the same implant size of 250cc, there is one type with narrower diameter and higher height, whereas there is other type with lower height and wider diameter. At Wonjin, we perform a customized surgery for customer’s satisfaction by considering each individual’s height, chest measurement, width, and breast shape.

Degree of Protrusion
Low Profile LS Moderate Profile MS High Profile HS Extra Profile XS
High Profile (high degree of protrusion and narrow diameter)
The breast implant is high and has a small diameter. This is used if the width of the chest is too narrow or if protruding breasts and full breasts are desired.
Moderate Profile (moderate and average diameter)
The breast implant has a moderate height and diameter. Cohesive gel was widely used after it was approved, but the width of the implant is too wide for Asians, so the use of this breast implant is drastically decreasing.
Moderate Plus Profile (between high and moderate)
The breast implant is between high and moderate. It has a moderate height and diameter and has an excellent texture which is used very often in Korea.
Low Profile (low and wide diameter)
The breast implant is low and has a wide diameter and it is used for people with a wide chest, usually not for Asians with narrow chests.