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Implant for Breast

Breast implants at WONJIN have customized profiling depending on what the patient wants.

Profiling states that the form of the implant is same but the degree of projection and shape is different.
It is important to choose the right incision method and type of breast implant, but the most important is to choose what fits the body contour the best.
A 250cc breast implant can be narrow and tall, or low and wide. WONJIN, considers the different width and size, provides customized breast augmentation surgery for each patient for satisfactory results.

Degree of Projection Table
Low Profile LS Moderate Profile MS High Profile HS Extra Profile XS
Meme® Meme® Low Profile LS Moderate Profile MS High Profile HS Extra Profile XS
Repllcon® Repllcon® Low Profile LS Repllcon® Moderate Profile MS Repllcon® High Profile HS Repllcon® Extra Profile XS
Optimam® Optimam® Low Profile LS Optimam® Moderate Profile MS Optimam® High Profile HS Optimam® Extra Profile XS
Opticon® Opticon® Low Profile LS Opticon® Moderate Profile MS Opticon® High Profile HS Opticon® Extra Profile XS
1. High Profile (high and narrow diameter)
The breast implant is high and has a small diameter. This is used if the width of the chest is too narrow, protruding breasts or full and voluminous breasts are desired.
2. Moderate Plus Profile (between high and moderate)
The breast implant is between high and moderate.
It has a moderate height and diameter, and has an excellent texture which is used most often in Korea.
3. Moderate Profile (moderate and average diameter)
The breast implant has a moderate height and diameter, and cohesive gel was used most often after it was approved, but the width of the implant is too wide for Asians so the use of this breast implant has been decreasing recently.
4. Low Profile (low and wide diameter)
The breast implant is low and has a wide diameter, and it is used for people with a wide chest, usually not for Asians who have narrow chests.