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Harvest-Jet Breast Surgery

Surgery Information

Harvest-Jet Breast Surgery

  • Duration: 1-2 hours
  • Anesthesia: Local Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization: N/A
  • Stitch Removal: N/A
  • Clinic Visit: 1-2 times
  • Recovery Period: Return to everyday activity after 1~2 days
What is Wonjin’s Harvest-Jet Breast Surgery?
Harvest-Jet is the most advanced device which has higher fat engraftment, by extracting the fat from abdomen or thigh and injecting into the breast to increase volume. Also, it prevents fat loss through water-jet and reduced possible side effects by removing the fibrous tissue, fat oil, and other debrises.
Recommended for those who
  1. 1. Have experienced breast shrinking and gained body fat after breastfeeding
  2. 2. Are afraid of implants
  3. 3. Wish to increase the size naturally
  4. 4. Have asymmetry on both breasts
  5. 5. Wish to remove implant and restore original breast shape

Why would you choose Wonjin’s Harvest-Jet Breast Surgery?

Increased Engraftment by Minimizing the Tissue Damage!

It has high engraftment rate along with less tissue damage as it absorbs fat cells using micro water jet.

Able to Achieve Beautiful Body Line by Removing the Body Fat!

It is possible to have two benefits at the same time by removing the unnecessary fat and inject into the breast.

Natural, as it were!

It feels and looks very natural by using autologous tissue.

What is Harvest-Jet?

What is Harvest-Jet?

The Most Advanced Fat Surgery Device for High Engraftment Level

Harvest Jet is an advanced device that sprays water with high pressure to separate fat cells from around tissue. With this principle, it is possible to achieve the result of high engraftment level with less side effect by extracting the pure fat cells.

Regular Fat Graft Breast Surgery VS Harvest-Jet Breast Surgery

Regular fat grafting has lower rate of engraftment, but harvest-jet has improved this problem by separating the fiber and other debris automatically, which is possible to achieve healthy and fresh fat with high satisfying result.

Regular Fat Graft Breast Surgery VS Harvest-Jet Breast Surgery
Fat Graft Breast Surgery Harvest-Jet Breast Surgery
Liposuction Damaged fat tissue by extracting manually Able to extract the original form of fat without tissue damage using water jet method
Fat Separation Damaged cell by using high pressure and high speed rotation centrifuge Minimal cell damage by using special filter with low pressure
Air Contact Oxidation due to air contact during the extraction and centrifugation Minimal oxidation of fat due to immediate injection by extracting and filtering at the same time
Side Effects Possible oil cyst and calcification due to damaged fat cells Minimal fat cell damage and low possibility of oil cyst and calcification

Pros and Cons of Harvest-Jet Breast Surgery

Regular Fat Graft Breast Surgery VS Harvest-Jet Breast Surgery
Advantages Disadvantages
-Natural shape and feeling
-Less side effect and foreign body reaction
-Less surgery and recovery time than implant surgery
-Able to remove unnecessary fat from desire area
-Able to add size
-Requires moderate amount of fat
-Impossible to experience big size difference

Comparison with Implant Breast Surgery

Implant Breast Surgery VS Harvest Jet Breast Surgery
Implant Breast Surgery Harvest Jet Breast Surgery
Procedure Insert silicone or saline implant into breast Implant extracted fat from thigh or abdomen into breast
Anesthesia General Anesthesia/ Local (Deep Sleep) Anesthesia Local Anesthesia/Local (Deep Sleep) Anesthesia
Pain Pain for 1-2 weeks Minor pain for 3-4 days
Recovery Period About 1-2 weeks About 2-3 days
Shape Able to feel implant and look awkward Natural shape and feeling
Feature Noticeable after surgery Unnoticeable after surgery

Harmony of Natural Shape and Desired Size [Hybrid Breast Surgery]

Smooth Type

This surgery is recommended for those who wish to increase the volume of breast naturally. It is done by inserting the proper size of implant and injecting the fat on the top. Therefore, it is possible to achieve the desired breast size and natural feeling as well. It is beneficial for those who are very skinny or have asymmetry on both breasts for more natural effect.

Desired Size + Natural Line + Soft Feeling

Harvest-Jet Breast Surgery Process

  • STEP 01
    Body fat liposuction
  • STEP 02
    Dual filtering
  • STEP 03
    Extract pure fat
  • STEP 04
    Fat grafting into breasts

Harvest-Jet Breast Surgery Effect

Volume Up + Naturalness + Remove unnecessary fat + Body contouring