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Teardrop Breast Surgery

Surgery Information

What is Wonjin’s Teardrop Breast Surgery?
Breast augmentation beautifully enlarges small or saggy breasts in proportion to the body. The most natural looking breasts are determined by the accuracy of the breast implant placement which is why it is important to consult with the specialist before proceeding with the surgery.
Recommended for those who
  1. 1. Have imbalanced upper and lower body
  2. 2. Have low self-confidence due to small breasts
  3. 3. Have poor fitting with any type of outfit
  4. 4. Have smaller and/or drooped breasts due to weight loss or breastfeeding

The Advantages of Teardrop Breast Surgery

Teardrop breast surgery uses ergonomical teardrop implant, which leads to make natural and beautiful teardrop shaped breast. Also, when using these breast implants for breast augmentation, the nipples are slightly raised for the ideal breast shape. It is especially useful for people who have small, flat, and droopy breasts.

Wonjin’s Teardrop Breast Surgery

Teardrop Breast surgery Before And After

  • Front
  • 45˚Degree
  • Side

The Types of Breast Implant

There is a law of golden proportion of breast, but that is only a theoretical approach and well experienced surgeon does not perform surgery depending only on the theory. We are able to achieve the best result based on both the theory and the patient’s preference. We can make natural breasts with any type of implant and these are the advantages of Wonjin’s Round Breast Surgery. The most beautiful breasts are the ones that fit my body!

Smooth Type

Round Implant
For those who want to have breasts with full volume on upper and lower part

Teardrop Implant
For those who want to have smooth upper line and ample bosom on the lower part

between nipples
and under breasts
Enough Short
Size of Breast Small or Average Very Small
Location of Breast Moderately located Highly located
Size of chest Moderate narrow
Droopiness of Breast No Droopiness Droopy