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Motiva Breast Surgery

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What is Motiva Ergonomix?
The newest technological advancement in medical implants lead to the development of Motiva Ergonomix, a silicon gel-type implant that has the most optimal shape retention that allows for smoother shape, fit, and adaptation. Motiva Ergonomix is a perfectly balanced implant solution that minimizes incisions and allows for the safest surgeries.
Recommended for those who
  1. 1. Wish for fast recovery and return to daily activities
  2. 2. Suffering capsular contracture
  3. 3. Require revision surgery from initial side effects
  4. 4. Wish for the most natural look and feel without unwanted implant migration

Premium Breast Implants - MOTIVA ERGONOMIX

Premium Motiva Ergonomix

Top 1% Premium Breast Implants

Motiva Ergonomix has been used by surgeons across 60 different countries including England, France, Germany and other European countries, as well as Japan and more. It is a high-end premium breast implant that allows for better movement, shape, and feel compared to pre-existing implants, and thus it is widely recognized as the most technologically advanced top 1% premium grade breast implant.

As premium innovations like Motiva Ergonomix requires delicate surgical skills, patients are advised to see Wonjin’s exceptional breast surgeons, lead by our Chief of Surgery, Dr Wonjin Park himself.
Now, it is available exclusively at Wonjin.

Why Motiva ?

  • The Ultra soft, form-stable filling gel for optimal shape retention and feel, unsurpassable by preceding types of implants.

    State-of-the-art shell design that results in a strong and durable breast implants, where the cohesive gel and thin outer shell allows for exceptional elasticity and feel.
  • Motiva’s own exclusive patented skill, Blue Seal, is referred to the barrier layer on the outer side of implant.

    Blue Seal insertion minimizes silicone gel diffusion to the other area of body. This results in reducing the risk of capsular contracture that may be occurred due to gel bleeding.
  • Motiva’s excellent elasticity allows for insertion with minimal incision (2.5~3cm).

    Traditional implants are required to have about 5cm incision but Motiva can be inserted easily as its surface is even and smooth. Small incision area leads to less pain, bleeding and quick recovery and reduce scars.
  • The shape of Motiva provides golden ratio adjusting to the patient’s position for natural looks from every angle.

    Motiva transforms along with breast’s natural movement, which presents almost similar shape with natural own breast. Thus, it makes patients to have more confidence in their normal lifestyle.
  • Motiva implants guarantee premium warranty for patients’ safety.

    We provide premium services with 5 years of insurance warranties according to quality assurance through CNA (American insurance company), that has been classified as A class from Standard & Poor’s, for patients who needs an implant replacement due to rupture or revision surgery.

※ What is UDI Chip?
UDI chip is an advanced technology to verify breast implant’s information/data transcending time and space. Patients’ safety and trust are secured as it cannot be lost or misplaced.

Exclusive Premium Quality Care

Our Motiva patients are entitled to receive premium quality care benefits in addition to our general 1:1 individualized services.

Process of Wonjin Complex Facial Contour
Laser Scar Removal MammoCare (MC) Treatment
- Duration: ~30minutes
- Treatment Available After 1 Month Post-surgery
- 3~4 weeks intervals
- Ultrasound / Infrared Ray / Capsulitis Treatment
- Duration: ~30minutes
- Treatment Available After 2 Weeks Post-surgery
- 1 Week intervals

Motiva Breast Surgery Before & After

  • Front
  • 45˚Degree
  • Side