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Laser Hair Removal

Say Goodbye to Inconvenient and Bothersome Hair Removal with Wonjin’s Laser Hair Removal Treatment!

Laser Hair Removal

Surgery Information

  • Hair Removal by shaving or waxing needs to be done periodically and it is very inconvenient. With Laser Hair Removal Treatment, you can effectively destroy root and follicle of hair and achieve permanent hair removal effect.
Laser Epilation
The laser only targets black melanin pigment inside hair follicle to destroy root and follicle of hair. The laser only affects black melanin pigment, thus it selectively destroys hair follicle where there is hair growth and has almost no effect on normal skin.

One time treatment will provide some hair removal effect, however, you need number of treatments to have greater effect without damaging the skin tissues. Usually, 5 times of treatment are recommended with an interval of 4 to 8 weeks. The duration and number of treatment required may vary depending on the hair color and thickness.

*Since the laser targets dark/black melanin pigment, it is recommended not to have skin tanned before the treatment.

1. Regular Epilation

Regular Epilation
Regular Epilation

Advantage of Regular Epilation

It can prevent any pigmentation or infection that may occur around the follicle due to shaving or waxing.
More smooth skin can be achieved since new cells will fill the empty spots made from hair removal.
No worries wearing tank top, short pant, or bikini.

1. Regular Epilation

Nervus of Ota
Armpit Epilation Arm, Leg Epilation Chest Epilation

2. Special Epilation

Advantage of Brazilian Laser Epilation

- Reduces chance of mycosis, vaginitis, and other types of female infectious disease by pudendum hair removal.
- Less pain and skin damage than waxing
- No worries wearing bikini or underwear

Types of Nervus of Ota
All Brazilian Epilation Simple Shape Specific Shape
All Brazilian Epilation Simple Shape Specific Shape
Includes pubic hair, Pereneal region hair, Anus hair Epilation Removal of parts of pubic hair to make straight or small upside down triangular shape Removal of hairs to make rose, heart, leaf, butterfly shape


Trichauxis is a condition where there is abnormal hair growth regardless of androgen, which is the hair growth stimulating hormone. In the past, only ladies wanted epilation in the summer but in these days, more and more men also want to achieve neat image by epilation.

Treatment Method

Wonjin's Skin Laser

Elite MPX Laser

Emitting Dual Radiation 755nm and 1064nm by Multiplex Method!
Elite MPX is a complex laser equipment which can emit mono or dual wavelength laser simultaneously thus shortens treatment time and provides whitening and elasticity on the area of epilation.

- Whitening , Skin Elasticity, Epilation

Treatment Steps

Treatment Steps
Consultation with Dermatologist Cleansing Topical Anesthesia Cream Application Skin Soothing Treatment
Step 01. Consultation with Dermatologist Step 02. Cleansing Step 03. Topical Anesthesia Cream Application Step 04. Skin Soothing Treatment

Precautions before and after Epilation [Before Epilation]

  • You must visit physician and get the treatment first if you have skin inflammation or other skin related problem.
  • Do not pull out hairs. Pulling out hairs eliminate the target of laser treatment, thus reduces laser epilation effect, increases risk of skin burn, and may cause folliculitis.
  • Do not get skin tanned. Darker skin absorbs laser energy and unwanted result may occur. Required number of treatments may increase.
  • Please wear sleeveless shirts if you want armpit epilation before your visit. You may also change your clothes to gown to have the treatment done.

Precautions before and after Epilation [After Epilation]

  • Avoid hot shower for a long time for couple of days.
  • Avoid hot sauna or hot spring for 3-4 days.
  • Avoid pulling out or waxing hairs. Shaving is possible.
  • You may shave your chin gently for about 1 week.
  • Avoid exposure on sunlight and apply sun block well if the area needs to be exposed outside.
  • You may feel itchiness on the treatment area but avoid scratching.
  • Skin alteration right after the treatment should subside down within an hour.
  • If itchiness on the area is too severe, you must visit clinic and get a prescription for medication, injection, or cream to help itchiness.