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Wonjin's Skin Laser Equipments

Co-operative Consultation and Operation System


This equipment allow high safety and effectiveness with reduced pain and swelling. It also has a very low risk of infection with its own disinfection function.

Milium removal, Corn removal, Wart removal


The effect of minimized pores can be achieved with the hole in the high thermal energy produced by the laser beam thinner than hair by activating collagen and elastin.

Acne scar, Large pore, Age spot


This equipment allows delicate and precise treatment of the desired target area with concentrated energy irradiation. The treatment time is very short with less risk of swelling and faster recovery time.

Milium removal, Corn removal, Wart removal


This equipment allows effectively improving skin tone and pigmentation disorders and redness of freckles, blemishes by one treatment using various wavelengths laser.

Melasma, Freckle, Facial redness


This fractional laser improves the rugged indented scars that arise in the aftermath of inflammatory acne with minimized skin damaged to induce skin regeneration.

Skin regeneration, Indented scar, Large pore

PDT Ray Irradiator

After applying the photosensitizer, the beam irradiation onto the skin and make the skin substance called porphyrin absorbs the light and destroys the sebaceous glands and acne bacteria.

Disinfect wounds, Ease wounds, Lifting effect


It can be used to focus the laser wavelength acts on red pigmentation, treating facial redness, telangiectasis, flammeus and other various vascular diseases.

Pigmentation diseases, Acne scar, Facial redness


This equipment allows deep penetration of high frequency into the subcutaneous tissue to a core temperature rises which is effective in the stagnant fluids and waste discharge, burning body fat accumulation, skin care and weight management.

Skin regeneration, Lifting effect, Wrinkle improvement


This laser uses two modes of high-frequency waves and ultrasound waves to deliver medications deep into the skin. This improves stretch marks and scar, skin tone, and also has anti-wrinkle effect.

Indented scar, Wrinkle lifting, Skin regeneration

Laser Toning (C6, VRM)

This equipment removes pigmentation with instantaneous high energy discharge to chopping the melanin into small pieces for the absorption into the body.

Melasma, Freckle, Age spot


This equipment creates microscopic holes in the skin without a needle to inject medication. This procedure protects skin with the cooling system by passing a high frequency into inner skin layer for skin regeneration and improved elasticity effect.

Ease edema, Reduce infection, Reduce pain


This is LED ray irradiator and PDT equipment that is capable of irradiating 5 different types of short-wavelength light. It helps to quickly calm the skin after laser treatment according to the patient lesions.

Skin soothing, Anti-inflammatory effect, Scar treatment


Laser light of 649 nm wavelength from the ruby has the melanin absorbance over 10 times greater than conventional laser equipment. It is the most suitable for pigment and tattoo removal.

Melasma, Freckle, Tattoo Removal


Integrated high-intensity ultrasound to examine the outside of the skin to the fat layer in high-tech medical equipment to selectively destroy only the mast cells can usually get 1-2 inch size reduction.

Fat removal, Cellulite, Lifting effect


The surface of the skin is maintained at cold temperature and deep fat is heat up to 42 degree to promote the proliferation of dermal collagen and remove fat and restore the resilient.

Body contour, Fat removal, Skin elasticity


Thermage sends high frequency waves deep into the skin to generate collagen in aged and saggy skin. It brings back elasticity by storing collagen in the inner skin layer to get rid of wrinkles and remove cellulite.

Lifting effect, Skin elasticity, Wrinkle improvement


Optionally injecting gas into the dermis to induce the recovery of damaged tissue and healing wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks. It can be applied to all types of wrinkles and scars treatment.

Indented scar, Dented scar, Wrinkle improvement

Allegro Laser

Freezing Electrophoresis method shrinks blood vessel so the injected chemical can remain effective for a longer period of time by avoiding being absorbed back into the blood vessel.

Sebum secretion blockage, Pore improvement, Skin elasticity

Elite MPX Laser

Elite MPX is a complex laser equipment which can emit mono or dual wavelength laser simultaneously thus shortens treatment time and provides whitening and elasticity on the area of epilation.

Pigmentation, Wrinkle lifting, Blood vessel disease


Ulthera laser provides a non-surgical face lifting procedure. This does not damage the outer skin layer and lifts the skin and refines wrinkles using ultra sound waves. The skin structure can be viewed while performing the procedure without incision.

Wrinkle improvement, Skin elasticity, Lifting effect


This procedure involves inserting 20 degree inclined needle in the dermal layer by passing high-frequency energy to wide area to induce regeneration of collagen and elastin for improved skin elasticity.

Disinfect wounds, Ease wounds, Lifting effect


This treatment involves taking a blood sample of 50~80cc to inject oxygen and irradiate UV-C rays which purifies blood for the transfusion. This process promotes metabolism and improves immune system.

Anti-aging, Adult disease prevention, Skin tone improvement


This reduces erythema and hot flushes after laser treatment by cooling down the skin surface to penetrate vitamin or medication using the power of current without needle injection.

Pain reflief, Ease edema, Improve red spot

Intracel / Floracel

Using micro-needles to deliver radio frequency energy to the dermis suppress the excessive secretion of sebum and produce collagen to improve scars and pores.

Acne scar, Pore tightening, Indented scar

Helios III

Using the five modes and the four handpieces, it can be customized to the depth of the skin for the treatment for the pigmentation diseases, with an excellent effect as a single treatment.

Melasma, Freckle, Age spot

Tenor High Frequency Laser

By using a high frequency, this procedure forms heat in the inner skin layer and sends forceful energy to helps producing collagen, lifting effect, and improves skin elasticity. Wrinkles can be improved without anesthesia or pain.

Face size reduction, Elasticity improvement, Anti-Aging effect


HealLite is the LED equipment with 1,800 light-emitting diodes. This is an equipment that stimulates cell movement and function to quickly reduce pain or infection, swelling for a quicker recovery for destroyed tissue.

Skin regeneration, Scar treatment, Anti-inflammatory effect


Dozens of micro needles pierces the skin, directly beaming high frequency waves within the inner skin layer. Thus, the outer skin layer will not be damaged and will stimulate the collagen cells in the inner skin layer, helping the skin with regeneration and anti aging.

pores, scars, deep wrinkles, acne, pigmentation

Dual fraxel

This is a new laser procedure with less pain and an expanded range of treatment area. It has two wavelengths: 1550nm and 1927nm to not only treat scars and pores, but also the pigmentation and dull areas in the outer and inner skin layer. Unlike other laser procedures, the dual fraxel can treat body parts for fuller and smoother skin.

wrinkles, scars, acne scars, pigmentation

TRM laser

TRM laser, a type of fractional laser, uses Thulium 1927nm wavelength and has a high rate of absorbing moisture to not just refine the skin condition, but also to beam micro laser beams and form scabs to eventually regenerate the skin.

aging skin due to the sun, pigmentation, and skin texture

C6 laser toning

C6 laser toning beam high energy in a short amount of time to destroy pigmentation in the outer and inner skin layer so that the melanin pigmentation is broken into pieces and absorbed. The highlight of this procedure is that when the pigmentation is removed, it does not leave scabs.

freckles, blemishes, birth marks, tattoo removal

CO2 fraxel

CO2, a carbonic laser that uses a 1060nm wavelength, reacts well to moisturized skin, spots, blemishes and water. Carbonic laser has less reflection allowing it to focus most of its energy on the affected area with short pulses, which reduces damage around the affected area.

freckles, pigmentation, wants of tight pores and skin elasticity


By using an electric ion device, vitamin C is stimulated to an anion and infused into the basal layer of the epidermis. Compared to existing skin whitening methods, VitalIont treatment increases epidermal absorption rate leaving no damage to the skin. Face washing and make up is possible right after treatment. VitalIont is effective for treating freckles, melasma, as well as wrinkles due to aging.

freckles, spots, blemishes, pigmentation, dark spots


Belody, which uses vibrating 80nm diode, is a laser that uses forceful waves to stimulate the inner skin layer, and help produce collagen and elastine to lift and tighten saggy skin. It also improves texture and the body line.

saggy breasts, flat butt, droopy skin

Helium neon laser

Helium neon laser, a gas laser that uses 632nm of red waves, uses 90% of helium and 10% of neon. It is used for low-energy therapy or biostimulation, which does not damage the tissue directly from the light. It is also used for various scanning methods and 100 other methods for laser treatment.

burns, scars, wants of regenerative treatment after laser or desquamation