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Weight Loss Care

Meso Therapy

Meso therapy uses micro needles to evenly combine and insert necessary nutrients (3-4) to the mesoderm which is proven to be more absorbing and effective. The main substances may vary depending on the condition of the skin and it consists of various vitamins and amino acids, Botox to remove wrinkles, and placenta extract for pigmentation treatment and moisturized skin.

※ The name ‘Meso Therapy’ comes from the combination of the terms ‘mesoderm’ and ‘therapy’ to emphasize the effectiveness of this treatment.

Meso Therapy fundamentals
Cellulite in the arms, thighs, and abdomen can cause fat to collect in these areas. These fat deposits remain even after weight loss. Meso therapy targets these cellulite areas and through an injection breaks down the fats, improves blood flow, and expedites weight loss.

Meso Therapy shot

In extreme obesity cases, liposuction is required. However, for those with local fat (cellulite) accumulated areas, those who are hesitant about surgery, or for those who cannot have surgery can receive treatment through Meso therapy shot. Compared to other weight loss injections, our treatment can improve skin elasticity and reduce flabby and droopy areas.

① Determine injection site and sanitize area

② Meso therapy shot injection to the local problem are

Treatment Meso therapy Liposuction
Type Non-surgical Surgical
Fundamentals Fat neutralization Fat cell removal
Target area Any area possible Areas with cellulite not possible
Pain Slight pain Severe bruising and pain
Weight gain after treatment In case of weight gain after treatment Treated areas can gain weight In case of weight gain after treatment Non treated areas can gain weight
Compressive clothing After treatment, compressive clothing not required After treatment, compressive clothing required
Stabilization Weight stabilization takes longer Weight stabilization in 2 weeks