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Weight Loss Care

PPC Injection

PPC is extracted from PC (Phosphatidyl Choline), an outer cellular layer in beans and DC (Deoxycholate), and is also known as a PC/DC injection that positively combines the two substances together to safely destroy fat cells and reduce size. In addition, with the increase of collagen production around the surgical area, it helps the skin with a lifting effect. The size reduction of the surgical area starts 2 weeks after, and for continual reduction, 2-4 weeks of treatment is advised. PPC injection cannot take place of liposuction but it can be used for patients who do not desire surgery.

  • Treatment time : 20~30 minutes per body part
  • Treatment intervals : 2~4 week intervals, 3 treatments

PPC Fundamentals

PPC injection’s function is to break up fat deposits. Through PPC, fat becomes dissolvable in water and is eliminated as waste after going through the kidney and small intestine.

PPC Injection Advantages

PPC Injection treatment can be performed without anesthesia. This treatment takes little time and leads to no interruption with everyday activity. Compared to other weight loss treatments or Meso therapy, PPC dissolves fat cells so they can be eliminated as waste decreasing the chance of the ‘yo-yo effect’. This simple procedure is recommended for those who are afraid of liposuction, and wish to dissolve fat cells.

Treatment PPC Meso therapy Liposuction
Fundamentals Injection Injection(fat decomposition) Fat removed through surgery
Treatment intervals 2~4 week intervals, 3 treatments 1 week 2~3 times at least 1 month 1 time+α
Treatment time 20~30 minutes per body part 10 minutes 1~2 hours
Advantages/Disadvantages Slight pain, bruising, and swelling for 1~2 days Slight pain, quick treatment time, and convenient treatment intervals Good results but long recovery period, painful, and anesthesia is required.
Price Lower cost Lower cost Very high cost