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Ptosis Correction

Surgery Information

Full Incision

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Anesthesia: Local (Deep Sleep) Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization: N/A
  • Stitch Removal: 5-7 days after
  • Clinic Visit: 2 times
  • Recovery Period: Return to everyday activity after stitch removal
What is Ptosis Correction?
Incision Ptosis Correction is a type of blepharoplasty that creates incision lines across the surface of the eyelids to correct the shape and size of the eyelids. This procedure is usually performed to correct thick eyelids with excessive adipose tissues, or to correct sagging droopy eyelids.
Recommended for those who
  1. 1. Have upper eyelids covering their eyes
  2. 2. Have tired looking eyes
  3. 3. Look like their eyes are half open

Ptosis Cause

Ptosis can be caused by number of factors that affect the muscles, nerves or skin of the eyelids. The muscles that allow your eyelids to move up and down can weaken from age or other reasons and sometimes people are born with eye muscles that are weaker than normal. Each stage of ptosis severity affects our eyes in a different way. For example, less ptosis case might cause slight droopy eyelids that don’t really affect vision. However, severe ptosis has a potential of affecting on falling of vision.

Ptosis correction Full Incision Features

At Wonjin, we use the most advanced techniques to decrease the visibility of scars and minimize swelling.

Clear and bright eyes, Squinting eyes correction, Protects against forehead wrinkles, All cases applicable, Make thicker eyes naturally slimmer

Ptosis Correction Surgical Method

  • Before surgery STEP 01
    Before surgery
  • After incision, unnecessary fats and tissues removed STEP 02
    After incision, unnecessary fats
    and tissues are removed
  • Tighten the muscle and suture STEP 03
    Muscles are tightened and sutured
  • After surgery STEP 04
    After surgery

Ptosis Correction, Full Incision

Ptosis Correction, Full Incision images

The muscles involved in opening or lifting the eyelids can become weak causing the eyelids to partially cover eyes. Ptosis Correction can correct this by incising the levator muscle used to open the eyes. Droopy upper eyelids can cause a tired appearance and forcefully opening the eyes can cause wrinkle formation on the forehead. Ptosis Correction by Incision or Non-incision method will be determined upon consultation based on the patient's requirements.

Ptosis Correction - Comparison between Incision and Non-incision

Ptosis Correction (Incision) Ptosis Correction (Non-incision)
Applicable case All cases applicable Thin eyelids only
Fat removal Possible Impossible
Scale of correction Extreme cases can be corrected Extreme cases cannot be corrected
Swelling Present Very little
Scars Slightly visible Barely visible
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Eyelid Surgery : Ptosis Real Story

  • The anesthesia hurt! It was one of the more tough appointments but the good news is I can eat more food now! yayy~ Within a couple of hours of not having my stitches in, my face seemed to slim instantly! I look more like a doll now. I'm very happy. I'm going to miss everyone at Wonjin because they were all very kind to me. My favorite doctor was the specialist for my nose. He did such a good job and he's funny too. The nurse was also very sweet. She told me to come back to Korea next year kekeke~ My profile is perfect now and my jaw line is feminine. There are so many things that are different from my previous experiences with cosmetic surgeons in America. Where Wonjin subtracted fat, there was no scar left, while my old doctor in America left very big ugly scars. Under my nose, you can't see any scar anymore, but before the doctor at Wonjin fixed it, it was big and crooked. When my old doctor injected fat into my face, he left bruises and lumps. But doing these things at Wonjin, I found my recovery to be quick and scar free. I was so self conscious...