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Safety Measures

Safety Measures for Before and After Permanent Procedures

  • 1.If there is a scar present at the surgical site, then the scar must be fully healed before receiving the procedure.
  • 2.Contact lenses must be removed before the procedure depending on the surgical site.
  • 3.An allergy test is necessary for sensitive, keloid skin types or atopic skin types.
  • 4.The patient must notify the hospital of any current drug use or diseases, and the procedure will take place after the medical staff performs a check-up.
  • 1.Do not touch the wound or forcefully remove when there is exfoliation.
  • 2.Facial washing and taking a shower are possible on the same day but do not rub surgical area.
  • 3.There may be bleeding or swelling for 2~3 days on average after the procedure and may last up to a week.
  • 4.The line may appear dark and thick right after the procedure but after the surgical area is cast off, the width and length will reduce to normal size.
  • 5.Avoid hard exercise, visiting the sauna, swimming, and eye make-up until the surgical area is cast off.
  • 6.Avoid drinking for 3~4 days for it may cause infections/inflammations.

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