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WONJIN’s Rhinoplasty Q & A

A feature of an aquiline nose is that it is high and big, but if the septal cartilage is over grown the nose may look tilted to one side. The nose tip may also looked droopy because the bridge is sticking out so much. Usually, the nose bone is fractured and centered during the surgery, to correct the nose and tip simultaneously.

Most people who have a hooked nose, have a high nose. So after reducing the hump on the bridge, the nose can be improved with just raising the nose tip.
For people with a wide nose bridge, the width can be reduced. Although this is more complex than the average rhinoplasty, an experienced surgeon should give you satisfactory results.

More than half of the patients who suffer from chronic rhinitis and sinusitis have a deviated septum.

If the septal cartilage that divides the nostrils is bent, then breathing may be difficult because of the airway, which can lead to a serious case of rhinitis or infection. This is called a deviated septum. Whether or not the nose looks curved from the outside, if the nose looks deviated, it is likely that the septum may have problems. It is best to receive correction as quickly as possible.

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Not all the time. Sometimes the bone regenerates and a portion of it grows back, but if the fracture is correctly done, then it is perfectly preventable.

An aquiline nose requires a delicate and complex surgery, so if patients try to fix it with Botox or fillers, then the bump may grow back. This is why an exact diagnosis and surgical method must be chosen.

Unless the bump is only slightly there, fracturing the bone is more effective. Many feel uncomfortable fracturing their nasal bone, but it is an exact solution to prevent the bump from growing back. For aquiline noses, the bone and cartilage are over grown, which needs to be removed, and the wide bridge should be made narrow.

Fracturing the nose is not scary at all. There are very few blood vessels and nerves in the nose bone, and if the surgery is performed by an experienced surgeon, the surgery can be done without general anesthesia and have safe and good results.

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Unlike a short nose, an arrowhead nose has a very long septal cartilage or wing flap that droops. This is why the nose can be slimmed just with nose tip correction. Just by injecting filer or cartilage grafting may be useless because the structure of the nose has to be modified.

Unlike a short nose, an arrowhead nose has a very long septal cartilage or wing flap that droops. This is why the nose can be slimmed just with nose tip correction. Just by injecting filer or cartilage grafting may be useless because the structure of the nose has to be modified.

At Wonjin, we raise the sagging cartilage and fixate it to make a short and sharp tip for a much softer appearance.

The tissue inside the nose may become damaged after surgery, but 6 months later, the tissue will recover, and you can get natural results after revision surgery.

Revision surgeries don’t necessary mean that the skin will become thinner or your immunity will decrease. However, an experienced surgeon is required to perform the surgery with minimal damage to the tissue. At Wonjin, we use soft autologous cartilage and dermis, and an absorbent septal support fixture for the nose tip, to lessen the pressure, and thinner implants so that it won’t be visible.

The tip of our nose is made of soft cartilage and it does not have enough strength to hold the nose tip, so if the cartilage is placed on top, it may become flat.

At Wonjin, our medical staff will insert an absorbent septal support fixture to steadily hold the nose tip in order to prevent deformation. Then, the cartilage is inserted along with the dermis to safely raise the nose tip and also prevent the nose becoming flat.

Even celebrities have unnatural noses from implants that are too conspicuous. The problem is not the implant, but the surgeon’s skill.

If the implant is too high and narrow for the nose bridge, it can be noticeable. At Wonjn, we design and make the bridge more narrow for the implant to fit. Lastly, the implant is inserted exactly under the periosteum so that the nose looks natural.

The nose may become unnatural if the nose cartilage is tied together too tightly or if the skin is too thin, which would cause the shape to become apparent or look pinched.

Cartilage design should be a given. The tip is wrapped with the fascia to prevent transparency and deformation of the face by using an absorbent septum support fixture.

If the implant is inserted down to the tip, then it may become hard. At Wonjin, we insert soft autologous cartilage.

The septal cartilage has a wide surface area and is hard, which is effective for sustaining the nose tip. The ear cartilage is softer than the septal cartilage and more flexible, which is effective for making the tip round. You can have a beautiful nose that will not be affected with time through the harmony of design skills and understanding of the material.

Both Silicone and Gore-tex are natural and safe. However, silicone is separate from the tissue so it is more easily removed during revision surgery.

Gore-tex is softer than Silicone so it is effective for people with thin skin, but it is difficult to remove during revision surgery because it becomes attached to the tissue. The implants have advantages and disadvantages so you must receive an accurate consultation before choosing the right implant for you.

Of course. A bulbous nose can become slim and refined through delicate nose tip surgery. Let’s take a look at the girl who was teased for having a bulbous nose.