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Aesthetic Treatment

Here is information about aesthetic treatment

What is Aesthetic Implant?

Implant means to implant an artificial tooth into the area where the tooth comes out. Also it does not remove surrounding teeth or use dentures, but implants artificial teeth in the jaw bone for functional use.

Advantages & Features

Diagnosis & Treatment Process

The treatment plans for implants are examination, operation, attachment of braces, and maintenance.

After Surgery Care

Implants last longer depending on the degree of sanitization.

Periodic Check up
After operation, 3 months interval, then once every 6 months is necessary for longer lasting implants and a healthy mouth.
Avoid hard food
May affect artificial teeth as well as real teeth. Avoid eating squid or dried filefish fillets to avoid damaging the implant and gums.
With the correct brushing method and usage of dental thread, maintenance is necessary. Avoid drinking or smoking for this may lead to discoloration around the implant and shorten its lifespan.