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Here is information about orthodontics

Wear Braces Unnoticed Invisible Correction

What is Invisible Correction
Teeth are corrected using a clear cast. Almost unnoticeable and no pronunciation disability due to thin width. The correction device can be taken off while brushing and eating. Casts can be prepared simultaneously while getting teeth whitened.
Advantages of Invisible Correction
Short adapting period
Little difficulty in pronunciation, a thin cast provides shorter timeframe.
Not noticeable and aesthetically pleasant.
Easy maintenance
No difficulty when brushing because you can just take the cast off.
Comfortable food eating
You can take it off when eating.


  • Make a decision to wear braces after the consultation.

  • For the most accurate diagnosis, a number Of diagnoses are performed

    • Teeth replica
    • Teeth & Jaw X-ray
    • Teeth & Face Pictures

    After viewing the pictures, a plaster replica is analyzed with precision for an exact condition.

  • The surgeon will make a treatment plan according to the consultation & diagnosis.

  • Extraction of teeth possible for correct placement. Cavity treatment & scaling may be necessary before the treatment for smooth treatment.