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Here is information about buhenge

WONJIN Bioengineering Research Center

With its head office in Seoul, WONJIN Bioengineering Research Center has been conducting research on dermaceuticals since its establishment in 1999 as the team of dermatologists, plastic surgeons and stem cell researchers realized the need for daily skin care cosmetics beyond the concept of treatment and adjuvant therapy.

As a result, a brand specializing in dermaceuticals for sensitive skin was born that does not contain preservatives, alcohol, mineral oils or anything that may irritate the skin based on clinical research and the know-how of the team based on literature.

Buhenge’s therapeutic ingredients are a result of a revolutionary technology that allows them to penetrate the skin’s protective barrier to promote skin regeneration within cells

Research Area

Beauty is more than just the outer appearance.
At WONJIN Bioengineering Research Center, we conduct research in various fields in order to maintain health and vitality from within the body.