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Skin Clinic

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Acne occurs when there is an excessive secretion of sebum that needs to be released out from the pores, but are stuck, causing infection within the wall of the sebaceous glands. 70~80% of the patients are between the ages of 11~25 but may be visible in patients in their early 30s. Acne generally develops during puberty and disappears in the early 20s.

Types of acne

1. Normal acne
Occurring during puberty, this type is the general type of acne which patients visit the clinic for. The pores become blocked, causing the sebum and skin cells to become congested, and eventually forming white or black granules.
2. Coagulating acne
The pimples become worse, combining with each other to form a large cyst. Even with treatment, deep scars and keloid scars will remain.
3. Lightning acne
A rare and serious case of pimples common in teens, the pimples arise all over the body. It does not develop on the face or neck, the number is small, and are large with pus, which may burst and cause the skin to cave in. it usually form on the chest and back, also causing high fever, arthritis, weight loss, loss of appetite, exhaustion, etc.
4. Keloid acne(=scar acne)
Keloids form when scars begin to heal but the collagen within the skin proliferates faster than the average person, causing the scar to become red and bigger. Keloid is genetic and usually happens in males after puberty, and also in Asians on their neck, scalp, and jaw.

Acne treatment

The most common form of treatment is to have a clean face. Wash your face at least 3 times a day, without applying toner or lotion. Do not touch or squeeze pimples on your own, but with an extractor at a clinic. The acne treatment at UCC is most effective combined with ointment or injection medicinal therapy, and laser treatment, which causes the acne to improve quicker with less scar formation. After going through the acne phase, skin desquamation is used for scar removal.

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