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Skin Clinic

Here is information about skin clinic

Scar treatment

Scars are left after a wound or after surgery. These scars are treated by scar removal treatments, but they will never be able to be erased completely. So, the correct procedural name should be scar improvement rather than scar removal.

1. W procedure
Make a W shaped incision on the scar to loosen the tightness caused by the scar and change the shape to make it less visible. Useful for the forehead, temples, cheeks, and chin, this procedure is used mainly for large scars. After closure, the W shape remains, seemingly visible, but will become lighter in time, making it less visible.
2. Z procedure
Make a Z shaped incision on the scar to change the location of the surrounding tissue. It loosens the tightness caused by the scar and changes the direction of the scar. Used commonly for small scars on the front neck, lips, eyelids, armpits, the procedure leaves a Z shaped line but will become lighter in time, making it less visible.
3. Oval shaped procedure
Make an oval shaped incision on the scar and directly close the area. This procedure is used most commonly when the direction of the scar is parallel to the wrinkle of the skin or smaller scars. A straight line will be left after the closure but the scar will be lighter than before.
4. Skin desquamation
Used for scars that are light and wide by shaving the upper part of the skin. Even with shaving, the skin will regenerate new skin, removing the scar tissue. Lasers are generally used when shaving, but for acne scars, Equipment is used. Desquamation for deeply caved skin may cause negative effects so thorough consultation with a specialist is necessary.

5. Tissue expanding procedure
If the scar is deep and big, the skin becomes tight and may prevent movement. The tissue expanding procedure is placed under healthy skin and saline is inserted into the skin to expand it 1~2 weeks apart. The expanded healthy skin will then cover the scar to heal it.
6. Skin grafting
Scar removal treatment for lack of movement from scar contraction. Within certain boundaries, it is used for cosmetic purposes, and the most effective results are seen with the addition of artificial skin.