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Skin Clinic

Here is information about skin clinic


Pores are connected with sebaceous glands that produce sebum through the hair openings so that the sebum can be released through the pores. The diameters of the pores are approximately 0.02mm~0.55mm and there are around 20,000 on the face, which becomes very visible for people who have an excessive amount of sebum. They are visible to the naked eye but sweat glands are visible only when they are zoomed in 100x with a microscope. The expanded openings visible in our eyes are not sweat glands, but hair openings. Once the pores are expanded, the surface of the skin becomes bumpy, forming wrinkles and unevenness even with make up.

Causes for expanding pores

1. Excessive secretion of sebum
Once puberty starts, the excretion of hormones increase and the sebaceous glands expand, increasing the amount of sebum. Sebum is released through pores, so when there is an excessive amount of sebum, the pore canals naturally become wider.
2. Decrease in skin elasticity from aging
Aging starts in the late 20s and skin elasticity decreases, expanding the pores and making them look wider.
3. Skin trouble due to pore problem
Skin trouble, similar to pimples, destroys collagen and elastin within the skin and damage the healthy skin layer, which consequently expands the pores.

Pore treatment

Lasers available at UCC include MCL30 super fraxel, floracell, TRM laser, CO2 fraxel, and MTS.