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Skin Clinic

Here is information about skin clinic

Why do wrinkles form?

  • Genetics
  • Age Due to the natural aging process the skin’s cells can break down causing decreased functions of the skin’s natural ability to regenerate itself.
  • Internal factors Nutrition, Lifestyle, Improper sleeping habits, Stress, Illness, etc
  • External factors Ultraviolet rays, Smoking, Climate, Cosmetics, etc

Taking care of wrinkles

Physical muscle movements and permanent damage from ultraviolet rays can cause wrinkles. As we age, our skin loses moisture and becomes dry. This causes cells in the dermis to break down. This natural part of the aging process leads to decreased skin regeneration and forms wrinkles. Fine wrinkles if exposed to ultraviolet rays can become deep wrinkles. Therefore, going outside with sunscreen/bb cream that blocks ultraviolet rays helps prevent wrinkles.

Wrinkle treatment

1. Thread lifting
We use special medical thread called ‘PDO’ approved by the KFDA that aids in cell regeneration and collagen formation. Visit our Dermatology Clinic (UCC) and experience a new effective lifting treating designed just for you.
2. Botox
Botox is used to control the muscle movements in the face by blocking the nerve signals from firing. Botox immobilizes the areas where it is inserted thus improving wrinkles. Botox is useful for those with a square jaw by reducing volume in the jaw creating a slender jaw line. Botox is also effective for insertion in the forehead, between the eyebrows, around the eyes, nose, chin/jaw, and after calf reduction.
3. Filler
Fillers include a variety of natural and synthetic materials that can improve the soft tissues in the skin. This can improve wrinkles and provide volume to recessed areas of the skin. This is a relatively simple procedure that only requires an injection with effects readily seen. You can get satisfactory results when getting this treatment for forehead wrinkles, recessed cheeks, love bands, nose, lips, and etc.
4. Laser
We have a variety of laser treatments available to meet your specific needs. Improve saggy skin with Floracel. Increase collagen formation with CO2 Fraxel. Powerful lifting effect with Belody. Face lifting with Ulthera. Melt away fat with high frequency waves Tenor, New Thermage NXT, and etc.