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Skin Clinic

Here is information about skin clinic

Thread Lifting

It is only natural that skin loses elasticity as we age. Moreover, as we age the cells in the skin break down and lose some functions. At UCC clinic we have treatments to lift your wrinkles and create a taut V line.

Appropriate for those who

  • Are concerned about wrinkles
  • Wish to treat wrinkles between the eyes, around the eyes, smile lines, neck and etc.
  • Are concerned with saggy, droopy skin
  • Want to improve droopy skin through improved collagen synthesis
  • Want to make their face smaller and taut
  • Wish to have total lifting effect
  • Would like to appear more youthful through improved wrinkle reduction
  • Wish to see results immediately
  • Wish to make a round and large face into a V line shape
  • Want a simple procedure and experience lifting effects

Thread Lifting effects

1. Increased collagen synthesis
Increasing collagen synthesis is a given. We also help give you a taut face full of vitality.
2. Improved elasticity of skin
Wrinkles are dramatically improved through lifting effects.
3. Improved blood circulation effect
Circulation is improved leading to improved skin tone.

After thread lifting, an immediate effect will show with the change that happens in the dermis and the epidermis, and with time, there will be improvements